The Project

AI 4 Retail

The adoption rate of key digital technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, by businesses remains significantly low in the European Union, while the global market of AI in retail is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 35% over the next 5 years.


The INAIR project stands as a crucial step towards equipping the European retail sector with the necessary AI skills, fostering sustainable business practices, and enhancing overall competitiveness in the digital age. This aligns with the European Digital Decade's target of having over 75% of European companies adopt AI technologies by 2030.

The INAIR ecosystem

Owners and employees of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Retail in Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania

Relevant industry experts (e.g., specialized retail consultants and technology experts, retail business owners and academics, trade unions, chambers of commerce).

Relevant education and training providers (Initial and Continuing VET and Higher Education) and research community.

Representatives of other relevant national and EU-funded projects and initiatives , incl. the Bridges 5.0 and AI4Europe consortia, and members of the Pact for Skills’ Large-scale Partnerships in Digital and Retail.

Policymakers at the EU level (e.g., DG CONNECT, DG EMPL, DG EAC and DG GROW) and at the national level (e.g., ministries of Economics, Education, Employment)


Research on multi-level AI skills needs and gaps for MSMEs in Retail, in relation to transversal, information, digital and technical skills need for retailers to adopt AI.

AI Core Curriculum, covering the fundamentals of AI and its applications for greening retailers and optimizing resources and processes.

AI Skills Assessment Tool to assess knowledge and skills linked to the domain defined in the needs analysis.

A Collection of integrable OERs (e.g., learning modules, tools, simulations and games).

An E-Learning Environment delivered as learning paths tailored around the results of the AI Skills Assessment.

A Practical Guide for Facilitators as a step-by-step guide for integrating the project AI skills development solutions into VET.


The key actors in the project

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